Package Received!!  

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So I got back home a few days ago and I finally had a chance to post the pictures of the package I received from Mme. Ferula McGonagall. Click on the portkey to see the lovely package she sent me. Thank you so much for the great package and for your patience since you had to wait till I got back from my training in Oregon to have me post pictures and public thank yous! ((hugs))

Hooray! My Kit!  

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Sorry for the late post, but I received my kit from Morgana! Check out my blog for more details!


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Before HSKS 7 closes forever, go check out my blog to see the FANTASTIC kit I received from Sian. She really did out do herself for not just one handmade item, but two.

THANK you so much for it. I really like all of it. And thank you for being patient while I found all the parts and got them hooked up to show everyone.

See you at Summer Camp!  

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The picture is the portkey!
Bye bye HSKS7!
I figured since the Rav threads were being archived today, I'd post a "see you later" blog with a link to HSKS8 Summer Camp... so it looks the same as the last post of HSKS6 linking here. :-)
I hope to see you there!


Posted by Quinn

Check out my kit from Winifred Hornswaggle for a glimspe of the best. chocolate. ever.

And oh yeah, there's yarn and pretty knitting and more yarn to look at too ;)


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Time to announce the winners for HSKS 7!!!

Best Kit

Lizzie Wychwood

Best Bag

Elanor Cadogan


House Cup Winners

Round One
Allitrya Spelling

Round Two
Waverly Trimble

Round Three
Andromache Tonks

Announcements Today!  

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We had a fabulous turnout of voters for Best Kit and Best Bag this term! Thank you to everyone for your wonderful comments! The plaques have been made and Headmistress Wartbobble will be announcing the winners shortly! Thank you everyone for voting!!
-Bevin Rae

Thank you, Quinn!  

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Sorry! Took me a couple of days to get in here and post the wonderful kit that Quinn sent. I lost my phone for a few days, which is the only camera I have right now. In any case, I did post this yesterday (not on my blog), but I wanted to get in here today and post the link for all to see. Please, click on THIS portkey to find your way.

An Owl has landed!  

Posted by Anna

Today i got a package form Phelicia Phoenixfire!  Pics in my blog.


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and thank you lil miss tonks! here are my goodies. awesome huh?! want to read more about it? then go here to my other blog! (and dont even ask me whats up with the formatting over there. i cant ever seem to make it do what i want. that blog has a mind of its own! hahaha)

My awesome package!!!  

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Okay, I finally got my awesome package picture posted! Check out the KnitPicks yarn in Gryffindor colors....enough to make the HSKS bag!!! The most spectacular Crystal Palace Needles! These are by far the nicest needles I have ever owned! There is some yummy tea with a super Starbucks mug. A beautiful journal to help me keep up with my projects and other things! A delicious candy bar! Beautiful...beautiful stitchmarkers by Bumblebirch Designs! Two washclothes and a coaster...all hand-made! And, last, but far from least a hand-made bag! I absolutely love it all and feel very, very spoiled! Thank you, thank you, thank you, Olive!!!! You are the best!


Spoiled By Belladonna Boomslang Moody  

Posted by Antonio dela Weasley

There wasn't an owl large enough to handle the package, so it had to be delivered by Muggle Post. Check out MY BLOG for all the awesomeness that I received from Bella today!

Ferula's Owl Has Arrived!  

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Just look at Madam Ferula Finnigan's sweet little owl!

Then check out all the goodies he brought me, here!

Thank you, Ferula!

Owl delivery!  

Posted by Sarah

An owl arrived today from Lady Arabella! Check out what was in my kit!

(click the portkey)

Thank you Lady Arabella! Your devoted friend, Olive Bumblebirch. :)

Best Kits Voting Has Begun!  

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The pic is the Portkey to the contest and voting ends Sunday evening!