Prizes & Activities for HSKS7  

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Many of the same activities will be returning for HSKS 7 and I wanted to give a preview of what they will be and if there will be any changes.

Activities w/Prizes

  • Quidditch will have the standard 3 winners - one for each game played.

Best Kit
  • This will work much the same as the last time. There will be one winner from each House (voted on by all members) and out of the four a grand prize winner will be chosen. Only the grand prize winner will receive a prize.

Best Spoiler
  • Each spoilee will have the opportunity to nominate their spoiler as the Best Spoiler of the swap. Each participant (nominator) will need to write a short piece on why their spoiler should be chosen as the Best Spoiler for the swap. Prize will be awarded at the end up the swap. Deadline for nominations will be give at a later date.

S.P.E.W. Competition
  • For a one week period in March (exact dates still to be determined) we will hold a timed competition between volunteers to see who can knit the most hats for S.P.E.W. within a 5 day period. Winner will receive postage reimbursement for sending hats to their final destination and small, still to be determined, prize.

Non-Prize Activities

House Awards (4 awards)
  • One award per house will be given out based on character, participation, and adherence to spoiling rules. House awards are given out by each House Prefect.

Dueling Club
  • The final winner receives bragging rights.

Blog Badges
  • Blog badges can be earned for Blogging Consecutively (4 weeks and 8 weeks), Completing your Handmade item by still to be determined date, and Sending your Completed Kit by a still to be determined date.

The staff of Hogwarts looks forward to serving each of the students who enter our halls. Please keep a lookout for more sign up information. If you have not joined Ravelry, now would be a good time for you to sign up. Ravelry is God's gift to all fiber artists. Joining Ravelry is a requirement for this swap. You also do not have to be a knitter to join this swap, but if you do not knit or crochet you will at least have to know how to sew. For more information on this swap, please visit

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No RAOK this term?

December 31, 2008 at 7:58 AM

ROAK is a seperate thing that goes on along with HSKS, but not something that I necessarily coordinate. I'm sure there will still be ROAK :)

December 31, 2008 at 8:09 PM

Ooh, there MUST be RAOK!! I already found some things to do...

January 2, 2009 at 6:08 AM

Way to go Winnie, I love the idea of a timed competition for SPEW!

January 4, 2009 at 2:34 PM

The SPEW idea is great! I've been thinking we need to do something with SPEW to get more folk on board with it.

January 5, 2009 at 1:32 PM

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