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I apologize for not getting this list up earlier. This is the first time that we are doing this, and the main reason was so that those who are black listed will know that they will not be allowed to swap with us this term, and those that are high risk will know that they came very close to not being allowed in this swap. Reasons for being blacklisted include, but are not limited to, poor or no communication with spoilee/spoiler, rarely blog posting, and sending kit late or not at all.

We actually have very few from HSKS 7, but I will post names from the last 3 terms. High risk swappers will not be listed here, but contacted individually if they decide to join us again. If you have been blacklisted and would like an explanation, please email me at misswartbobble AT gmail.com

Cassandra Black
Enid Black

HSKS 5 & Previous
Cressida Townsbury
Firenze Spinnet
Henrietta Sweeting
Lily Finnegan
Perenelle Ballycastle
Emma Lovegoods
Ariadne Malfoy

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