Hogsmeade Weekend Announcement!!!  

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Hello, students! The year has gotten off to a great start :) Everyone is posting to their blogs fabulously and the first round of Quidditch is coming up soon. I truly hope that you all have been enjoying yourselves immensely.

Next weekend, February 21st, is our first Hogsmeade visit. NOT this weekend!! I want you all with your noses to the books! Quidditch trivia will be posted next week.

The special thing about our visits is first years can go too! Please take the time to post about your trip in your blogs. Pair up with some of your Housemates and visit your favorite place.

Very well! That's that. Choose your favorite place and blog about it!!

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okie so i'm way excited but stupid question, what are we supposed to do for this??:D

February 11, 2009 at 8:19 PM

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