Everybody, Come See What Cassandra Puddlemere Sent!  

Posted by Chrysta the Cursed

This has been a tough term for me. Not because of the professors or the schoolwork, but because of the flood threatening my muggle town, Fargo ND. For ten solid days the entire town mobilized to fill sandbags and build dikes. All schools and most businesses closed so the students and employees could work at flood prevention. For us, jeans coated with sand from the knee down was a fashion statement. Aching backs and sore arms were a badge of honor. We lost a tiny bit of our town in the first crest, and are now waiting for the second crest to hit in a few days. For this week, at least, the water restrictions have been lifted. That means I can take a long hot bath and relax.
Which is a good thing, because my spoiler, the wonderful Cassandra Puddlemere, sent me a box jam packed with wonderful stress-busting things like scented bath salts, organic herbal teas, jordan almonds and lots of wonderful knitting supplies. Take a look at it on my blog while I go soak in a tub and relax.

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Your link is not working, so I am going to go find you on the list and jump on over...

Belladonna Boomslang

April 12, 2009 at 3:38 PM

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