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Wow! Reading through all the Mad Libs stories has made my stomach ache from laughing so hard! Rather than point out one or two, we've given some highlights and links to all of them! If I've missed yours, please let me know ASAP!! Thanks to everyone who contributed to the hilarity!
(And by the way, this may have been Ravenclaw homework, but you'll see that other houses participated in and added to, the often unexpected, but seriously amusing accounts!!)
Who can forget Fleur Sweeting's tale of Rowena serenading the stitch markers?! Rowena Bladvak however tells the tale differently! Maybe it was the extra cheese on Fleur's hot fudge sundae that caused her to run towards the stitch markers herself!?
Madame Hooch had a run in with a cream-filled hot dog... I saw it myself with my own two eyes! Eeewww, that sounds rather gross to me. At least Patonga Pinkstone and Waverly Trimble enjoyed hot fudge sundaes and stormy socks!!
Emma Gorodok's Diagon Alley adventure with Hermione brought an unexpected new fact out about Slytherin's Head of House, Professor Snape and a certain type of clothing he chooses to wear in his off hours. Megaera Black also witnessed Snape’s unusual clothing choices and is still trying to figure out how Lizzie Wychwood (who has her own wee ones at home) managed to get bitten by a baby with a bean burrito!!
Do you know that Centy B. really really likes Curry flavored ice cream?!! She must really really really love it have walked so far for it! Unusual ice cream tastes must be common in Gryffindor. Penelope of Flitwick likes mustard on her hot fudge sundaes... and toaster cozy patterns too. At least, that's according to Prendolyn the Weirds' tale!
Fresh gossip about the DADA and his drinking habits! I can understand why Professor Solum likes firewhiskey floats after reading Olive Bumblebirch's tale! But did you also know Helena Lovegoods spied Professor Hot Pants (for that is what Fervens Solum means) having a Baybreeze float as well... something about a fat turkey and Solum's underwear I hear...
Rare flora and fauna seem to be in abundance at Gringott's! Casandara Crimsonchin found out about Thalia Tinkywych's rare purple hydrangea bush... and Andromache Tonks solves the Victoria Pettigrew mystery of the adequate kitten... adequate at what I wonder?? Fiera Firenze had fun at the giraffe store and heard about Quinn's frozen custard hit while protecting Antonio's crunchy candy at Gringotts as well... and, I mean really!?! What is it with mother goblins and their food choices for their offspring?! Amethyst Aurag heard all about Buttercup Goblinshimmer Dumbledore's run in with a baby goblin and Pinot Grigio?! So that's how they keep them calm!!
Wisteria Lovegood and Megaera Black (who... ssshh... wears a chastity belt but don't tell her I told you!) had a near collision with a sparkling oyster! They survived, but poor Hexy Elfshimmer had a run in with a tuna-noodle casserole and was photographed with ruined robes. Hexy should have went with Hermione and Olive instead! Hermione's description of chocolate ice cream and butterbeer floats has made me hungry! I can’t believe she missed Professor Flitwick’s lecture on Hippogryphs! I guess, smooth crochet hooks truly are hard to come by!
The Fleurs... Dolohov and Sweeting had excellent fun on their trip to Diagon Alley. After an incident in the mashed potato shoppe, the Fleurs found solace in strawberry ice cream and chocolaty chocolate sundaes. The most impressive trek for sweets has to be Cassie Goode! She walked 555 blocks for it and still managed to make it to Yrsa's Yarn Shoppe to purchase flowing socks.

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