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Angel Kits
This was almost a "Good bye, students!" post, but then I remembered that we're not done with Best Kits yet. So, let's consider this our final wrap up week. Besides Best Kits this week is also a very busy week for the Hogwarts staff. During this week we are trying hard to communicate with everyone who hasn't sent their kit on a regular basis. By the end of this week we will have a final determination of who will need angel kits based on if anyone has flaked out or not.

Those that will be receiving angel kits should have them mailed out to them by the 15th of May. Unfortunately, this term we do not believe that we received as many donations for angel kits and prizes, so another thing that we must determine is what we will be able to give by the end of this week.

For those of you that have made monetary donations and donations of items during this term - Thank you! You are a lifesaver and appreciated by all of Hogwarts.

If there are any prizes to be had they will also be determined after the angel kit donations have been given out. I will be creating the image for the Quidditch Champions this week also.

Please continue to post pictures of your kits as you receive them. We love to look at the fabulous kits so that we can all get ideas for the next time around.

Packing & HSKS 8
So, take your time packing your things and saying good bye until next term. Those of you joining us for Summer Camp, please continue Constant Vigilance! so that you don't miss the sign up. Watch the rav board and the HSKS 8 site for more details.

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whomever is in charge of the scavenger hunt, yes i know that was a while ago but i really had fun with it:D, but anyways i was wondering when we were getting the badges for it???:D

May 4, 2009 at 8:41 AM

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