Explanation of Clues  

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1st Clue - What Color Is A Weasley?
This clue led you to Suzie Weasley's blog

2nd Clue - It seems the water is rather murkey, but a good friend has made it clear.
That led you to Lily May Clearwater's blog

3rd Clue - Why Open Pandora's Box?
That led to Pandora Phelps' blog

4th Clue - Pandora was given many gifts. One of the most important (and possibly a made up gift by me) was a gift of the feather persuasion, of a very, very dark color.
That led to Mona Ravenscroft's blog. You know Raven - black feathers :)

5th Clue (didn't realize I left this many!!) - Hmmmm . . . the clues for Snitch hunting are leading us in circles. There is a house that we haven't visited yet, though. Which house is that? Could it be from those that are guant in face?
That clue led to Olivia Gaunt's blog

6th Clue - Aaaaaahhh . . . you are a clever, clever student! But, by now you must be rather hungry. Let's go to the HSKS kitchen for some viddles, shall we? http://hsks4recipes.blogspot.com/
Which led to the Hogwarts Family Recipes blog and

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